A look back at Covina Woman’s Club
Compiled by Jeannine Mooneyham

In 1905 CWC had 47 members and 35 associated members. Programs included Russian Day, Spanish Day, French Day and American Day.

Every other meeting was about housekeeping.

Covina Woman’s Club once had a Shakespeare Section.

Dues were $3.00 per year in 1910 and if you didn’t show your membership card you weren’t allowed to attend the meeting.


In 1920 CWC adopted “Gently to hear – Kindly to Judge” as its motto.

In 1922. the program at the Gentleman Night Meeting was “World Peace-American Goal”

In 1930, the entire hall could be rented for $12.00. We had 260 members.

In 1940, we sponsored a Girl Scout Troop whose theme was “Our World, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

In 1950 we added 110 new members bringing our total to 272. We also had regular “Pay off the mortgage dinners”.

In 1960 CWC broke ground for its new clubhouse on San Jose Ave. This modern facility was designed as a community theater. In addition to the stage, it had a ticket booth, a coat check room (now our office) and ample parking. All these features would enable CWC to provide more service to the community.

In the 1970’s programs included Pete Schabarum, California State Assemblyman; Kelly Lange, Channel 4 Weather Forecaster and Elmer Dills, Food in Restaurants. Ann Gerhardt was president in 1972. Her presidential message is as follows:

Things to Do With Your Hands

Wring them in Despair
Fold them as if there is nothing to do
Clench them in anger
Hold them open waiting for someone to fill them
Stretch them forth for some useful task
Our choice is obvious