Covina Woman’s Club Rental FAQs

1. How much is your rental? Varies by day - Saturdays $1750, Sunday after 5 pm $1000, Friday Nights
$1000, Weekdays $500.
2. What does that include? Use of the Chandelier Room for 5 hours for event (+2 hours decorating), set up of tables and chairs
3. What if I want more time? Additional hours for event $300/hour, $50/hour for additional decorating time Fri, Sat or Sunday. Additional hours for event Monday- Thursday $100/hour
4. What does it NOT include? Food, service, table settings, or linens.
5. What is the room capacity, maximum guests? Banquet seating: 250 people, Auditorium seating: 500 people
6. May I host an outdoor event?Yes, our patios are available and will seat up to 100 people. Cost is the same as the hall. Set up & Cleaning: $250
7. Do you have a sound system/microphone? Yes, for an additional fee of $25.
8. May I have a wedding ceremony there? Yes, there is a wedding gazebo for a seated ceremony. Rental $500, includes one additional hour for ceremony & one hour for decorating/rehearsal
9. Do you have a kitchen? The kitchen is for staging food only, no cooking or food prep. You may use the refrigerator & freezer. You may prepare coffee and tea. Kitchen is to be cleaned, counters wiped down, floors swept, spills mopped
10. Is there a stage? YES. We have a raised stage with curtains, with two staircase entrances from the auditorium, another from the dressing rooms behind the curtains. Perfect for awards and/or entertainment.
11. Do you allow alcohol? Yes, you can serve Beer, Wine and Champagne without a bartender. Once hard liquor is served you must provide a bartender: With Liquor license, General & retail liquor liability w/ Covina Woman's Club listed as additional insured for $1,000,000 .
12. Do you allow smoking? NO smoking within 20' of building entrances, no use of cannabis products on property.
13. Is there a cleaning fee? Yes, cleaning fee of $300 depending on the event. You are expected to remove all trash from tables &kitchen into outside trash bin.
14. Do I need insurance? Yes, renters and all vendors must have $1,000,000 in General Liability, with Covina Woman's Club listed as additional insured. If serving liquor you must add "Host Liquor Liability"
15. Where can I get insurance? You may choose your own provider or you can use
16. How much does the insurance cost? About $120, depending on the size of the event.
17. How may I decorate? All decorations must be free standing, not attached to walls or fixtures. No candles or mylar balloons allowed.
18. Can I get a discount? Discounts are offered to non-profits & community organizations. Contact us for more information.
19. What caterers can I use? CWC recommends Bashful Butler. We have other approved caterers
20. What does the caterer provide? A Full-Service caterer provides food, linens, place setting, dishes, stemware, servers, alcohol, and clean up.
21. Can I use my own caterer? Yes, Covina Woman's Club must approve any outside caterers prior to booking the facility.
22. What does the caterer need to be approved? The caterer must provide the following: business license, general & food liability insurance (with CWC as additional insured), worker's comp insurance for employees, food safety certificate, liquor license &liability (if liquor is served).
23. Do I need security guards? Yes, for every 100 guests a security guard is required at night or when alcohol is served. The caterer or Covina Woman's Club will provide and bill for the service
24. How late can my event go? Music & alcohol end at 11:00 pm, event at 11:30 pm or as approved.

Updated June 1, 2023